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What we do?

Aksa Investment is a leading real estate and property management company, located in Istanbul/Turkey, opening branch offices in Saudi, Dubai and Qatar. Our job is to make ease of owning investment property in Istanbul by combining a high level of management and legal services with high-level of knowledge. The firm also offers customers a broad range of services, including Real Estate, Investment Consultancy, Tax planning, Mergers and Acquisations, and Stock Market investments. In addition to these you can also get Business tourism services basically in Istanbul and Turkey wide.

What Invest Istanbul brings to you?

  • Our knowledge of the Turkish real estate industry combined with our international management and legal expertise.
  • Our network to access hard-to-locate information and operational resources required in different areas.
  • Our goal is to provide the highest level of property acquisition and management services to foreign investors in Istanbul.
  • Our management approach relies on and ensures continuity, long term relationships based on trust and performance.

We offer a full range of investor services to accommodate every aspect of real estate investments in Istanbul including consulting, research, sales, leasing, representation and management of our clients’ portfolios. We are here to assist investors who previously were not able to access these kinds of projects due to lack of information or opportunity.

  • Investment in Real Estate in Istanbul and Turkey
  • Properties and Land purchaces.
  • Private Equity
  • Merger and Acquisitions,
  • Legal Services
  • Tax planning services
  • Stock Market services,
  • Business tourism and investment guidance especially in Istanbul and whole Turkey wide.

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